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CeeDee Tandem Featherwing Streamers

CeeDee Tandem Streamers are tied for trolling.  Our goal is to make them look good because to be successful when streamer trolling you first need to like the look of the streamer you are tying on. We focus on balance and light manipulation and we  use innovative materials and the highest quality feathers we have.  

Our construction technique focuses on making them very strong and able to withstand many strikes catching fish after fish.  The design focus is on capturing light and material placement is done to support high speed trolling, 3-3.5 mph and still run true.   There is no such thing as too fast for trophy fish providing the streamer runs true. Should a streamer ever fail we will replace.

Actual colors and balance may vary slightly from the pictures we show as natural feathers will vary some.  You can be assured that each streamer that leaves our shop was tied with the confidence that it will produce. When observing the streamer in the water if it leans a little to one side You can fine tune the streamer by slightly twisting the body at the head  a little. 

We can only offer CeeDee Featherwing Streamers and do not take custom orders due to demand. However we will make changes to suit your particular needs to any of our patterns for your preference as has always been the tradition at CeeDee Streamers.

Check Back Frequently I will be adding many new patterns for 2022