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Chester Enoch Dubriske

Fly Tyer, Fisherman, Father, Grandfather & Friend

Chet passed away in the summer of 2014 and I recall how his last few years were most memorable to me because regardless of the typical aches and pains we get when we are older he said time and again how he always felt perfect when he was trolling on Winni.  There was always a gleam in his eye when he was at the fly tying bench tying up an order for a fishing buddy or trying something new. His most well known original tandem patterns were the Purple Smelt, the Ten Ten and the Spofford Smelt. This picture was taken in 2006 and although I had been tying for 25 years that was about the time I got serious about tying fish producing streamers.  Between fly tying and fishing we became friends with a kindred spirit. He spent years teaching me to grade materials and tie streamers. And when my streamers became fish producers he enjoyed them as much as I did.  He was an unrivaled expert at marrying saddle hackles and tying them on so a tandem ran perfectly at any speed. Chet was well known for his talent in picking up his rod and jigging the fly for hours and often he caught the most and biggest fish in the boat. CeeDee Streamers is his legacy.

2006 Chet with Salmon.JPG
Paul Dubriske 5lb 10oz landlocked salmon

Paul Chester Dubriske

Cee Dee Streamers Master Tyer

35 years of training would inevitably give someone the experience to excel at anything.  And although I can tie a fish producing tandem streamer I am still learning every time I sit at the bench.  My focus is on tying imitations of Rainbow Smelt that will trigger the strike from trophy landlocked salmon and rainbow trout. 

My shop has a collection of close to 70 years worth of select fly tying material and I have developed sources throughout the world to find the best new materials. Because of this I can really concentrate on developing the best imitations.  I fish in many lakes around New England and New York and Tandem Streamers are always my first choice. 

Inspired by Chet's ability to catch a lot of fish while jigging his rod, over a 20 year period I developed the Downjigger, the G2jigger and the Skijigger.

Beginning in 2023, Chris Dubriske became the Manfacturing arm of our business with his growing expertise in 3D printing offering great flexibility for product improvements. His company, Keene Additive Manufacturing has made significant upgrades in our existing Skijigger and for 2024 he is developing an entirely new jigging device allowing more angler options like adjustable jigging length.   

Now I concentrate on tying the best Featherwing Streamers I can to help other anglers catch that once in a lifetime trophy. The satisfaction and inspirations I gain each time I am on the water are reflected in my patterns. I am always glad to share any techniques and patterns I have and all are welcome at my shop. 

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