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      Listed below is a collection of 24 new single hook featherwing streamers.


     Inspired in part by he new Uni-Products Axxel-Mini thread which is applied to each of the bodies and will be a great light gathering feature. Single hook streamers were part of Chet's collection and of course very popular.

     After building the bodies I developed the patterns by choosing different underbody and underwing flash materials like Big Fly Fiber, DNA Frosty Fibers, Flashabou Fishhair and more. And then I selected various feathers to compliment the appeal and action.

     As a special feature here we are also showing each of these patterns in an underwater video in a water current.  While these videos are not an exact duplicate of what the streamer would look like when trolling because in this case the water is flowing and the streamer is stationary vs when trolling just the opposite conditions exist streamer moving water stationary. Click on pattern to see video.

     These underwater videos do give an excellent example of how feathers move in water, which is why featherwing streamers are most effective in form and function. Notice how the feathers separate giving the imitation of a smelt tail.

     The less focused view the fish gets either due to stained water or indirect light actually makes the flash feather and body appear as one and as the flash moves it imitates the scale flash that a smelt creates.

     These single hook streamers are tunable, actually built on vinyl shrink tubing on the hook that you can rotate slightly. If the streamer is not running upright, maybe leaning a little hold the hook and twist at the head until you get the right look.

Good luck and good fishing!

Single Hook

Featherwing Streamers