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CeeDee Featherwing Streamers are tied with the techniques, materials and inspirations that have been the driving force behind tandem featherwing streamers for over 70 years.  CeeDee Featherwing patterns are tried and proven trophy fish takers and constantly improving with feedback from anglers like you. 

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Today landlocked salmon are flourishing in several lakes in New England and New York. Fish and Game managers do an incredible job in maintaining this fishery and the chance for for a 7-8 lb. trophy is very good. From experience we now that a featherwing streamer is perhaps the best option to hook the big boys due to the close resemblance of the Landlocked's preferred food, rainbow smelt.  Our streamers imitate smelt both in form and function.  We are confident that you will be pleased with the results when jigging a CeeDee Featherwing Streamer.

Good Luck, Good Fishing and keep on jiggin'!

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