Streamer Fly Tying Classes

Beginning or Experienced Tyers

CeeDee Streamers owner Paul Dubriske is now offering fly-tying classes for those interested in learning to tie Streamer flies for trolling and casting. Classes will be held at my shop in Keene and are limited to six tyers per class. The course is 8 classes.


Tyers will learn how to tie streamer flies using the CeeDee techniques for marrying saddle hackle, building bodies, using components to best refract light underwater, and more. Working from the hundreds of patterns in my shop you will learn techniques and materials used by successful fly tyers and fishermen from the past 70 years.

The 8 classes cover everything from hook selection ( we have over 200,000 hooks in our shop), to techniques used to create durable working streamers. Classes will be two hours per night. All are welcome to register for classes. Beginners and experienced tyers will work in the same classes as streamer tying is done in stages allowing each tyer to work at their own level of expertise. In one sense we are all beginners when it comes to learning new things.

Included in the class fee is a vise, scissors, whip finisher, bobbins, thread, synthetics and a good supply of feathers and components.


At the end of the class you will have learned enough and have the tools to build fish catching streamers. With practice and advanced training you will have the expertise to create and build multiple patterns that your friends will be eager to use and maybe purchase from you.

Fee for the course is $750. A Non-Refundable deposit of $500 to reserve a space and the balance of $250 is due at the first class. Classes will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings depending on registered tyers preference.  You can attend more than one class a week if space permits but the course is for 8 classes only.  As a tyer-member of CeeDee Streamers you are entitled to a discount price for all streamers and materials offered by Cee Dee Streamers.

Class 1: Introduction to Tools and materials and preparing to be a streamer fly tyer....

Class 2: Building Single and Tandem Bodies using the Cee Dee method....

Class 3: Different body materials, beads, flash and naturals and how to apply..

.Class 4: Planning your patterns, selecting materials that imitate and attract.....

Class 5: Reviewing first four classes.....

Class 6: Preparing materials for tying underwings, cheeks and eyes.....

Class 7: Marrying saddle hackle and tying wings.....

Class 8: Review and practice class 6 and 7

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