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The Trolling Elite

Water Powered Jigging Devices

Manufactured by CeeDee Outdoors

The most effective jigging devices available today  serve a dual purpose of also being a great fish decoys.  The Landlocked Salmon shape draws fish to your spread and triggers feeding instincts.

It has long been known that to increase strikes on a trolled streamer jerking your rod forward quickly and then letting it sink back is an effective technique for triggering salmon and trout to strike.  Over many decades this technique has been used by expert fishermen.  But it doesn't take long when hand jigging 100-200' feet of wire or lead core line to get a tired arm. And you are never sure if the minute you stop hand jigging you troll past an aggressive fish that could be triggered with a wounded bait impression.  In the 1970's a few companies came out with jigging boxes that were mounted on the gunwale of the boat that you set your rod into.  Very effective tools but also put quite a drain on your battery and rod flex diminishes the action. In 1995 Cee Dee tackle introduced the Downjigger, the first water powered jigging device.  Later we developed the G2jigger a more compact and easier to use jigger and after a few years of trial and error and many prototypes we came out with the Skijigger, the ultimate trolling device to trigger their instinct and make fish aggressive. More than once we have seen salmon race to the Skijigger and jump over or beside it. The thumping action of the propeller will draw fish to the surface from as deep as 50'. These jigging systems will jig all day, every day in every condition.  With a little practice and perseverance you can expect an increase in strikes of 4-8 times more than with static trolled streamers and lures.