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Original Streamers tied by Ora Smith 

All streamers are originals and in mint condition.  Some are in original packaging and many are the finest examples Ora ever tied.  Some of these will include a copy of Ora's original notes on how he ties them.  We have collected these flies over the years both directly from Ora and some from his estate.

All Streamers come in a CeeDee jewel box for display

Ora with Salmon_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Ora Smith

Nationally Recognized FlyTyer

Ora spent over 50 years tying innovative streamer patterns in Keene NH.  From his home shop he attracted fishermen from all over the United States to purchase his effective streamers. 

   Ora's patterns  were first recognized in print in 1983 in the book "Trolling Flies for Trout & Salmon" by Dick Stewart and Bob Leeman where he became synonymous with the golden pheasant crest marvel patterns among others.  His Canopache Pattern is still considered one of the best all time trolling streamers ever.   Ora was also an avid fishermen and like all salmon fishermen couldn't wait for spring "Ice Out" to head to Winnipesaukee for salmon trolling.  Many of his notes would refer to "tie these for my box" or " I tied this one for my wife as she liked this feather".  Most all his notes referred to particular fishermen and the custom design they wanted.

   Ora also had many of his patterns featured in the first issue of volume 2 of the "Art Of Angling Journal" by Paul Schmookler & Ingrid Sils.  It was then that his fame reached national prominence as arguably one of the best tyers of working flies that went in tackle boxes and were used time an again by his customers.The demand for his streamers and his defining patterns place him along the same acclaim that Carrie Stevens earned with her Gray Ghost Pattern in the annals of fly tying history.

Here, we offer from our collection a few of the original streamers created by Ora and feel these collectibles are a very good investment.  If you are a fly tyer or a collector of rare and unusual flies then you owe it yourself to add some to your collection while the limited supply lasts..

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